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Here you’ll find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Shades. We’ve also created FAQ for many of our Products and Services. These answer more specific questions about the individual products. If you still can’t find the answer you’re seeking, please call us on Free-call 0724 032 748 or send us an email.

(1) Protecting cars against inclement weather.

(2) Great Alternative to Garage.

(3) Protect from overheating

(4) Reduce Maintenance Costs.

(5) Enhace Aesthetics of your Property/home.

HDPE(High Density Polyethlene) Shadenet Cover Material is the best and most common Material for car parking shades.

It is top quality material used for car shades and various shade structures.This fabric material is specifically designed to function for an extended period than regular fabric..

It is designed for high strength,durability and protection and can withstand the varying Kenyan Weather.

Upon Order Confirmation,it will take 2-3 days to fabricate and setup the shade (this is for a single shade).

For Large parking -will provide fixing timeline depending with the size and location

Everything depends on your Preferences.

Dark Colors like Green,Black or brown are suitable if you want as much sun Uv protection.

Lighter colors will show dust,bird droppings and stains more readily because they are more noticeable.

Lighter colors will let in more light.

(1) Cantilever Design type.

(2) Bottom Support Design type.

(3) Wall Mounted Design type.

(4) Arch Design type.

(5) Dome Shaped

We can also customize according to your specifications at a rate

The lifespan of car parking shades varies significantly depending on what materials they are made of, their installation process, and the level of maintenance they need. In general, a car parking shade can last for 10 years or more with regular maintenance and proper upkeep.

A car shade fabric material will probably last 5 - 10 years.

The Shade Structure will last 20 years

However,that can increase or decrease depending on the weather in your area. If the shade is often subject to high winds and heat wave,it might deteriorate faster.

Yes, a car parking shade can be made waterproof. Based on your parking shade needs, you can ask us to make waterproof or non-waterproof shades for your outdoor space as we manufacture both kinds of shades for our clients.

Yes its recommended to schedule a site visit.One of our representatives will visit your home/office or site to discuss your plans and confirm the details of your installation,including size,material,colour and design choices.

We offer Free Site Visits and Quotations.

Like the lifespan, the maximum ability to withstand wind speed also depends on the material used and structure design. At Shadepro, you can rest assured that parking shades can withstand high-pressure winds of up to 45km/hr.

It all depends on the customer’s budget and security needs, as erecting a Carport is less expensive than constructing a garage.Carports are made of a porous, breathable cloth that allows hot air to exit quickly, protecting your assets.

Yes, at Shadepro, we can fully customize your parking shade structure and ensure that our shade solution best matches your needs. Our team closely collaborate and work with you to provide custom-made parking shades.