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Buying a branded tent for the first time?

Purchasing a branded tent for the first time can be confusing. What size branded tent should you get? What accessories do you need? Because informed customers make smart investments, we have created this simple guide that will teach you everything you need to know before you buy your marquee.

Your branded tent in 4 steps. Easy as!

Here are some key questions to think through...

1.What tent size should i get?

The first step when planning the acquisition of a branded tent is to determine the size that would best suits your needs. Shadepro’ branded tents range comes in 5 different sizes.

  • The 2.4M x 2.4M is our smallest branded tent. It is perfectly adapted to anyone looking for an easy-to-transport, affordable marquee. This size is particularly recommended for market stalls.
  • The 3M x 3M is our most popular size branded tent. It strikes the perfect balance between size and cost, and can be used for various purposes. Whether you are looking to promote your organisation, participate in an exhibition or organise a family barbecue, the 3M x 3M will have you covered!
  • The 3M x 4.5M is the perfect compromise between surface coverage and transportability. It is particularly adapted to anyone who needs an easy-to-transport, decent-sized marquee with a large frontage.
  • The 3M x 6M is our second largest branded tent. This size branded tent will provide extensive surface coverage and is therefore recommended to sport clubs, schools and organisations that want to accommodate for a large number of staff and guests.
  • The 4M x 8M is our biggest branded tent.
2.Should you get custom printing? How does it work?

Branding your tent will maximise your organisation’s exposure and increase brand awareness in consumers’ minds. Because we have adopted a flexible, budget-friendly and customer-focused approach, we are able to meet all requirements and budgets. We recommend to customers with a limited budget to opt for custom printing on the front panels, or on the valance panels only. Indeed, these are the most budget-friendly options available.

We can print any logo. We can match any colour. We can print your logo, text or picture anywhere on your marquee, even on the walls. We print direct to the fabric, not on a separate patch that is sewn on. Our full colour digital printing process guarantees the highest level of quality.

A canopy top is made of 4 roof panels and 4 valance panels. All you have to do is advise the number of roof and valance panels you would like to have printed and we will make it happen! Visit our dedicated Custom Printing page for more informations.

3.How do i store or transport my tent?

Our carrier bag will make it easy for anyone to transport and store their marquees. Our carrier bag are equipped with wheels, allowing you to transport your marquee in the most remote location.