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Car Shelters from Shadepro

Cars are no longer the permanent necessities they used to be years ago. Today, a car that stays in use longer than two years means that it is more expensive to maintain it than just buying the latest model for the year. The two year lifespan is the rule of thumb where you expect your car to stay in tiptop shape with little need to worry about worn out parts. But after the first two years or so, depending on how much you use your car, maintenance will play a large part of the cost, to the point that you will consider buying a new one.

While constructing a permanent car shelter may be a good idea, the more cost effective shade solutions found on Shadepro’s website has a few benefits that garages do not. For example, you may decide to buy a new car without selling the first one – this means that your garage space is lacking. With a car shelter built with carshade solutions, the increase in the space is no problem at all. With a little tweaking in the design, you have no need to replace the car shelter at all.

Or, you might buy a new car and sell the first one. In this situation, using a shade solution becomes more decorative – you can adapt your existing carshade solution for your car shelter to match your new car’s design, and still maintain the overall landscape of your property. With a permanent brick and mortar car shelter, everything is going to stay the same, even if you have already bought a new car to replace the old.

Shadepro has been in the business for the last 10 years, making it easier for you to rely on our experience for any decisions you might need to make regarding your shade solution. Besides, the experience comes with a free quote for any shade application you might need – and a car shelter can be the first quote you will request from Shadepro.