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Choosing the right Shade Solution for your Car

Options abound with shade solution possibilities when you are thinking of a car port for your car. The application of car parking shade for carports is not only a more cost effective alternative, but also a design treasure trove.

The design can range from classic to modern, minimalist to luxurious, and this is without much work – a design for carports using only canopies or shade sails begins only with a simple structure.

All you have to keep in mind are the support(s) for your car port shade solution, the colour and its lines or curves. With those three elements, you already have a car port that is pleasing to the eye, with or without your car. The support is necessary, but can also be decorative. The colour of the car shade or shade sail, you might want to look into colour psychology for your design ideas. The lines or curves of the whole structure can enhance your car – a luxury for some, but when you have a classic car in your possession, it takes a whole new meaning.

In choosing the shade colour for your carport, you have to consider maintenance. While car shades are built for all-weather conditions, they are not resistant to dirt – one will have to clean them once in a while, especially if for your design, you have chosen light colors for your shade. Darker colors have less need for cleaning because the color can hide some of the dirt – but still, you have to consider this in the shade design.

But still, imagine the possibilities if you are designing a car shade for a classic car – all those possible curves and colours at your feet. Just remember the support, the colors and the lines and curves, and you are good to go in creating the perfect car shade for your own set of wheels. We at Shadepro Kenya have been in the business for the last 10 years – we are definitely your perfect companion to finding the perfect carport shade solution.