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Four Pitfalls of buying cheap Shade Sails

Shade sails are increasingly finding use in many outdoor applications. Used as canopies, car shades and other shade structures across domestic and commercial applications, shade sails can be found everywhere. Homeowners, business owners and even institutions make use of shade solutions for sun protection in Kenya.

The reason why shade sails are so popular is that they offer great sun protection. It mainly comes down to the shade sail fabric which is responsible for sun protection. As a shade sail manufacturer, I will list out just why shade sail fabrics matter and how they can offer good protection. If you haven’t heard much about shade sails, then this article is meant for you!

Why shade sails fabrics matter

At Shadepro, we use top quality shade fabrics in all our shade sails. A shade sails UVR level is determined by the UPF rating of the fabric in which it is manufactured from. Our shade sail fabrics feature high GSM density, which leads to a better UPF rating. While there are many colour options available, shade sails of a darker colour offer a better UPF rating. Our fabrics feature high tensile strength and are specially treated to offer better sun protection.If you’re in the market for shade sails, you can find no better fabrics than the ones we use. In fact, we offer extremely high UVR protection of up to 99%. With shade sails, you can offer quality sun protection across all your applications.

Shadepro fabrics to choose from for sun protection

Whether you need shade sails for a school, playground, car park, restaurant, office or your backyard, you can count on our shade solutions for the ultimate sun protection. When ordering a shade sail from Shadepro you can choose from the following fabrics:

Sunshade : A unique, fire-resistant fabric, the eXtreme 32 fabric is a 320 GSM fabric which offers UVR protection of up to 95.8%. Exceptionally strong and durable, this fabric is easy to maintain as well. Sunshade can be used in a range of shade solutions including playground shades, car park shades and residential and commercial shade sails. This fabric is available in variety colour options.

DriZ : A waterproof fabric, the DRiZ offers great all-weather protection. With a UVR protection rating of 100%, this fabric is highly flexible and can easily be sewn, sealed and welded. At 280 GSM, this fabric is lightweight and allows natural transmission of light. With proven durability and high tensile strength, the DRiZ fabric range is suitable for applications including use in kindergarten shade sails, pool shades and other residential and commercial shade solutions.


Shade sails offer the ultimate sun protection due to their high UPF rating, which corresponds to better UVR protection. High GSM density, darker colours, high tensile strength and special treatment are some of the factors which make fabrics have a higher UPF rating. Here, at Shadepro, we make use of two Shade fabrics, namely Sunshade and DRiZ, all of which offer excellent UVR block of up to 99%. You cannot go wrong with our shade solutions.

If you need great shade sails for your home or business location, get in touch with us, by calling o724 032 748. We have a wide range of shade solution products that can be customised and tailored to suit your needs, so give us a call today!