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Four Reasons Why Canopies are the Ultimate Shade Solution

Outdoor canopies are an incredibly popular shade solution. You can find them everywhere – on the hotels, schools, playgrounds, commercial buildings, car parks, swimming pools and even in many homes across Kenya.

I’m sure you understand that canopies make it easy to create a shaded outdoor space. But what makes them so popular? As a Kenyan shade solution supplier, I’m here to tell you the answer. Continue reading this article to discover why canopies are considered to be the ultimate shade solution.

After reading through, I’m sure you’ll consider investing in one yourself.

1. They are highly flexible

Probably the biggest reason why our customers choose canopies is because they are highly flexible. Canopies are a portable shade solution that can be installed just about anywhere. In fact, you can install them over doors,windows,balcony,rooftop or open area.

High-quality canopies, such as the ones we offer at Shadepro are lightweight, while being extremely strong. They can easily withstand the sun, rain and wind and can be used as a shade solution for various applications.

2. They offer excellent UVR protection

Another reason why our customers believe that canopies are the ultimate shade solution is because they offer excellent UVR protection. Nowadays Kenya experiences an abnormally high amount of UV radiation and canopies are a simple and cost-effective way to battle the sun’s UVR.

At Shadepro, we make use of only the best quality shade fabrics in our canopies. While our canopies are resistant to wear and tear, they are also capable of blocking up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UVR rays. By installing one of our canopies, you can keep yourself and your loved ones protected from the harsh Kenyan sun.

3. They are easy to install and maintain

If you thought that purchasing and setting up a canopy is a laborious task, think again! Canopies are a semi-permanent shade solution that can be installed just about anywhere. Moreover, it is also incredibly easy to maintain a canopy.

At Shadepro, our high-quality canopies can be easily installed by one of our qualified installers and require little to no maintenance. Even after years of use, our canopies will look great. To keep them in pristine condition, simply wipe them with a damp cloth.

4. They make it easy to create a shaded outdoor space on a budget

Canopies are also a favoured shade solution because they make it easy to create a shaded outdoor space on a budget. Indeed, if you’re thinking of building a permanent shade structure, it will cost you afew thousands of shillings.

On the other hand, Shadepro’s outdoor canopies are incredibly affordable. Thanks to us, you can create a shaded, protected space regardless of your budget.


If you’ve been looking for the ultimate shade solution, then look no further than canopies. Canopies are highly flexible, they offer excellent shade protection and they are incredibly easy to setup and maintain. Furthermore, canopies make it very easy to create a shaded outdoor space on a budget. No wonder they are seen being used across various locations in Kenya.

For the finest quality canopies in Kenya, consider our shade solutions at Shadepro. Give us a call at 0724 032 748 with your requirements and we’ll be glad to assist you in every way possible.