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Preparing for wedding festivities? Here is all that you need to know about Tents

Wedding preparation is a dainty task that requires you to put your focus on every minute detail. Right from the wedding dress, cake, food, down to the venue, everything should be perfect to make your special day memorable for every guest who is going to be present at the ceremony. However, despite your best preparation, it may happen that the climate takes a turn for the worst and becomes unfavorable to the ceremony. However, thanks to the plethora of gorgeous marquees and wedding tents, you can get married in style without nature raining over your parade.

tents and marquees also significantly cut down your wedding expenses, not to mention fulfil your dreams of having an outdoor wedding, at the destination venue of your choice. Why splurge a fortune to rent out a banquet hall or an exorbitantly priced indoor venue, when you can have an equally lavish ceremony under a marquee, embellished and bedecked to your taste, anywhere that suits your theme. Event management companies specialize in setting up exquisite marquees for such functions, making sure they end up looking marvelous and more cost-effective than a banquet hall. Today, tent suppliers in Kenya offer such durable tents that can withstand rain and dust and the people sitting inside can keep enjoying the ceremony even in the throes of unfavorable weather elements.

The first question that pops up in the mind of the organizer is the size of the tent to be used. Estimating the cost of a tent is nearly impossible if you are unaware of its size, therefore, you need to figure out how big it should be to house your guests comfortably. If you have additional space requirements, such as for the dance floor, decorative figures, or something else, you need a much more spacious tent. A tensile structure company in Kenya would be in a better position to inform you of the size that should be used, in accordance with your needs.

Going with the decision of a tent reception is a budget-friendly and easier idea that can brighten up your event with a little makeover. Mostly, tent companies offer wide sized tents to accommodate many guests at one time. This is for the comfort of your guests. Wider space allows them to move around easily, letting them delve in the ceremony at the fullest. Next, you need to decide the type of marquee that you plan on setting up:

Pole Tents

Pole tents, also known as push-pole tents, are the most pocket-friendly and popular kinds of tents that are available for masses globally. For a tensile company in kenya, pole tents solicit the largest number of orders because of their easy of assembly and strong support structures. They are supported with ropes and tie-downs along with a center pole. With a peaked roof, they make great marquee for wedding functions and can be customized according to the available space.

The material most commonly used in their manufacturing is vinyl with metallic poles and sides. The sides, however, can be tailored with the material of your choice. It can be a mesh, net or any other fancy fabric that you desire to glorify your wedding function with.

Frame Tents

Frame tents are a viable solution for those who are looking for an elegant shelter for their guests. Since the A-framed tent doesn’t have a tie-down, it is really beneficial for places that are pressed for space. Center poles are completely subtracted from the entire structure and it is made to rest on metal frames so that the small area exudes an impression of spaciousness. The open space provides a clearer view that can be utilized for dining and dancing. The common material used in such tents is also vinyl, installed with metallic side poles. Similar to pole tents, the sides in frame tents can also be customized with the fabric of your choice, to fit in with the interiors.

Clear span tents

Clearspan tents are also commonly known as the box-beam framework tents. This name was coined due to their aluminum support which doesn’t have a center pole attached. They are normally installed when there is no space restraint, and bear resemblance to an airplane hangar. They make an ideal shelter for large size events and normally require professionals to set them up. Mostly, they are made to order from renowned tensile structure companies in Kenya.

Tension Tents

Tension tents look more like a pole tent that is tied down with ropes around a perimeter, but with a visible difference of being very high. The increase in height creates ample space that can be used to hang decorative elements and chandeliers. Optional windows can also be added, depending on the design and space that is to be utilized. These tents can be fully customized with the fabric, color palette, and design that suits your fancy.


Tents and marquees make popular shelters when it comes to events such as wedding, engagements, anniversaries, parties, and birthdays. They are also used to host campaigns and concerts. The number of guests determines the size of the tent to be used. Their cost runs the gamut from low to very high depending on the material of the tent and its size along with any modifications requested by the client. A professional tent supplier in Kenya tries to keep the overall cost at a bare minimum so as to facilitate the client. However, at times, a price hike is just inevitable. Get in touch with a professional tent company in kenya if you have an impending event soon.