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7 Unique Ways to Increase Your Pool’s Aesthetic Value

A backyard swimming pool is a perfect place to relax on a hot sunny day, enjoy with your kids and throw a barbecue party. With some creative design ideas, you can transform a backyard swimming pool into the most updated and luxurious place of your house. From adding contemporary mosaic tiles to beautiful plants, floating candles to large outdoor umbrellas, you can try different ideas to completely transform the look and feel of your pool.

Here are seven amazing and affordable ideas that you can try to bring life to your swimming pool.

Let’s dive in!

1. Floating Decorations

Believe it or not, a swimming pool is the focal point of your backyard, garden or outdoor space. To increase its aesthetic value, you can invest in some floating decorations such as floating candles, lanterns, and flowers. These decorative pieces can create a more relaxing and spa-like look and feel in your backyard. Adding in these floating decorations will not only transform the look of your pool but also make it a comfortable place to relax. This is a creative yet affordable idea that you can try to add personality and style to your pool.

2. Mosaic Tiles

Adding Mosaic tiles is a classy and chic way to give your pool a sophisticated and artistic look. They not only look clean and amazing but also create the most amazing effect in your pool. Since there is a huge variety of mosaic available such as glass tiles, glow in the dark glass tiles, nautical mosaic designs, porcelain mosaics tiles and more. No matter which mosaic tiles type you choose for your swimming pool, adding any of these types is the best option to bring more visual interest and value to your backyard this summer.

3. Install Outdoor Umbrellas

Umbrellas are visually pleasing and make the pool area more comfortable by providing maximum sun protection and shade. Installing a large outdoor umbrella is a chic and sensible option as it can maintain a clean look while adding style to your pool deck at a relatively minor cost. The best part about these cantilever umbrellas is that they are easy to set up and can be installed anywhere the shade is most needed. Pool shade sails are another option you can consider for creating a more striking appearance and shade your pool.

4. Water Fountains

Waterfall and fountains are not just for expensive hotels. You can add this feature to your backyard pool as well and transform your pool into a luxurious and comfortable place. Adding a fountain can simply turn your pool into a stunning backyard retreat. There is a wide range of water fountains style available, from floating to spillovers. You can choose the one that can create an elegant and peaceful effect by giving a stunning and attention-grabbing effect of water in motion and match with your budget.

5. Artificial Rock

There is no denying the fact that rocks can give your pool a classic look. Since natural rocks can be too expensive to install. Investing in decorative rocks is an economical, fast and better option to consider. Artificial rocks play a key role in improving the overall look of your backyard pool.

6. Pool Grottos

Installing a pool grotto in your swimming pool is undoubtedly a creative idea to spice up your pool design. A pool grotto is usually a design feature that allows waterfall entrance to space. However, some grotto design with underwater entrances or small caves without waterfalls also exist. Pool grottos are an affordable addition to your pool that can enhance the overall look and feel of your pool.

7. Artificial Flora

Investing in some decorative plants is a great option to add a splash of colors to your pool. To create a resort-like effect, you can choose plants that create thoughts of tropical destinations. There is a huge variety of artificial, decorative plants available such as purple feigned, forged figs, fraudulent fronds, counterfeit catkins, gothic façade and more. Choose the one that looks ultra-chic and visually-appealing.


These are a few options that you should consider to enhance the aesthetic value of your pool without blowing up your budget. Invest in any of these pool features and bring new life to your pool.