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Ten Amazing Benefits of Installing Shade Structures

Tensile fabric structures are a visually appealing and highly functional shading option, offering unique qualities for designers, engineers and architects to experiment with and create out-of-the-box designs. Besides creating ground-breaking design solutions, tensile shade structures can be used for a variety of purposes. The versatility and functionality afforded by tensile fabric structures make them a perfect shading option for a variety of outdoor spaces, dining areas, walkaways, swimming pools, exhibitions, sports halls, and warehouses, to name a few. When properly engineered and installed, tensile structures can offer a host of advantages. Here are some amazing benefits of installing tensile shade structures.

1. Lightweight Nature

Tensile fabric structures are lightweight compared to other types of construction structures. The lightweight nature of tensile structures and their ability to cover a large area of space with limited steelwork and minimal disruptions make them a perfect, practical and cost-effective option for roofing structures.

2. Available in a Wide Array of Colors

Tensile fabric structures are available in a wide variety of colors, making them ideal for fabricating visually appealing canopies for commercial and residential purposes. Vivacious and contemporary colors enable these canopies to fit in any outdoor area while enhancing the aesthetic value of the space.

3. A Large Variety of Durable Fabrics

Tensile structures are available in a number of highly-functional and durable fabrics that are tailored to withstand harsh weather conditions. Tensile fabric structures have an uncanny ability to provide maximum protection from rain, snow and sun. The best part of tensile fabrics is their UV absorbing and reflective properties, ensuring protection from the sun.

4. Offers Versatile Design Options

Tensile fabric structures are versatile in design, making them a perfect solution for a lot of applications. Due to the highly flexible and versatile nature of fabric membranes, tensile structures provide architects, designers and engineers with a great option to develop eye-catching and state-of-the-art structures.

5. Low Maintenance

One of the greatest advantages of installing tensile fabric structures is that they require minimal to no maintenance as compared to other traditional buildings of similar size. No matter if you use Teflon (PTFE) coating on woven fiberglass, or a protective acrylic on PVC membrane, these structures are immune to damage and can withstand severe weather conditions.

6. Easy to Install

Tensile structures are easy to install and can be built in a much smaller time frame as compared to conventional construction projects. Though tensile fabric building structure is not a perfect solution for temporary events, it is a great alternative to conventional structures.

7. Excellent Durability

Tensile membrane structures are manufactured from a unique combination of design materials such as PTFE-coated fiberglass, ePTFE with a Flouropolymer coating, and PVC. The longevity and durability of tensile membrane structures have been proven to last and withstand harsh weather and fluctuating climates across the globe.

8. Bright, Natural Daylighting

Due to the translucent nature of fabric canopies, tensile membrane structures allow natural, diffused light to pass through during daytime, which helps you cut down on bills. In addition, the translucent properties of the membrane can create a luminescence at night that looks visually striking. This will maximize the indoor and outdoor feel, making it a welcoming, appealing and comfortable space.

9. Outstanding Spanning Ability

Another amazing benefit of installing tensile membrane structures is that they require less support to span greater distances than buildings that are built with traditional materials. Tensile membrane structures create a durable roof structure with valuable column-free space underneath. When it comes to covering large playing areas, swimming pools, or amphitheaters, tensile membrane structure is a valuable option to consider.

10. Code Compliance

Depending on the type of membrane used and the overall project design, tensile membrane systems aptly meet various associated code requirements. Because of the highly-functional and sophisticated PTFE-coated fiberglass membrane, tensile structures comply with rigorous construction codes. They can be used in all types of construction projects as long as they meet the height and clearance requirements.

Final Words

You can enhance the aesthetic value of your space by simply installing tensile fabric structure. There are many shade manufacturers, discuss you project ideas with a professional manufacturer and install tensioned fabric canopies to cover your outdoor spaces.