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The Top 3 Fabrics for Shadenet Cover Structures

Shadepro is proud to be one of Kenya’s leading manufacturers of shadenet cover material structures. We offer a range of superior shade products that are manufactured using industry-leading shadenet cover material fabrics.

Regardless of what shade structure you consider, the quality of a shade structure will depend on the quality of the shade cloth fabric used. Today, I will tell you more about the fabrics we use in the manufacturing of our shade cloth structures. Hopefully, this article will give you a better idea of which shade cloth fabric to choose before placing an order..

1. Colourshade - Sunshade

A heavy-duty shade cloth fabric manufactured by Knittex SA, Sunshade is specifically designed for use in large scale shade cloth structures. It offers excellent dimensional stability and offers high resistance. A fire rated fabric, Sunshade offers easy maintenance, and it comes in a choice of variety designer colour options..

This shade cloth fabric offers great UVR protection of up to 95.8%, and a 10-year limited warranty covers it.

2. Alnet Extrablock

Designed to offer the best in strength and durability, Extrablock is a heavy-duty fabric manufactured using virgin HDPE. It offers an excellent combination of dimensional stability, controlled elongation and offers exceptional fray and tear resistance. This shade cloth fabric comes in a choice of colours.

Extrablock offers exceptional UVR protection of up to 98%, and it is a UV stabilized fabric. A 10-year warranty backs this shade fabric.

3. Driz Waterproof

The revolutionary ALL WEATHER shade-net provides the ultimate in all-weather protection against the harsh elements of sun,rain and wind. DriZ is a medium weight fabric (280gsm) and is backed by a 5-year limited warranty.


The quality of a shade cloth structure depends on the quality of the fabric being used. At Shadepro, we make use of industry-leading shade cloth fabrics in our products. The fabrics that we rely on include Colourshade-sunshade, Alnet Extrablock, and DriZ Shadenets. These fabrics offer extended manufacturer warranties back great strength and excellent UVR protection – you can’t go wrong in choosing any of them in the manufacturing of your shade fabric structure.

If you’re looking to have a shade fabric structure manufactured for your home or business – anywhere in Kenya – look no further than Shadepro.

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