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Car Parking Shade Structures

We provide high-quality car parking shade structures and fabric material which is quite durable for the Kenyan weather conditions.

Car Shades

At Shadepro, We specialize in the design, manufacture, and installation of a wide array of applications to suit your Car Parking Shade requirements. From fully waterproof structures to basic shading paraphernalia, our Car parking shades are widely appreciated by our clients for negligible maintenance and easy installation. Our products are available in various dimensions and customized sizes, catering to the individual needs of our clients.

What makes us outshine other Car Parking Shade manufacturers is our superior quality materials.Poised to provide durability with utmost strength, at the most affordable prices. All our car parking shades are designed to provide the highest protection to your vehicle from the sun rays, and are often even substituted for traditional garages.

Product Details : Features and Benefits

All Structures are custom made
  • Custom designed structures to suit the surroundings
  • Flexibility in the design, tailored to meet your needs
  • Full design, manufacture, supply and installation service
Shading Material

Parking Shade Structures usually comprises of 2 fabrics

  • (1) Waterproof - 100% waterproof ; protection from rain and sun
  • (2) Sunshade - Non waterproof(also referred as 90%) ; protection from sun
  • Offers up to 98% UV protection
  • 5-10 year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Large range of colours available
  • UV stabilized thread is used for longer life expectancy
Structure Material
  • Steel Structure for car park shades
  • Roof frame
  • Strong poles
Carshade details
  • Highly designed.
  • Charming and attractive fabrication work.
  • Car Parking shades are designed to provide maximum protection of sun rays.
  • An alternative of conventional garage may be free standing cantilever type and can be connected to any existing structure
  • Versatile quality.
  • Congruence design and structure with wide variety.
  • Large variety of design in affordable and reasonable rates.
Benefits of car parking shade
  • Car Shades protect cars from harsh sun UV rays.
  • Helps to maintain the Glow and Shine of the car.
  • Protect Exterior and Interior Car Parts.
  • Parking shades keeps the interior temperature cool.
  • Car Sun Shades Protect car wind screen and dashboard from crack.
  • Car Shades Protect cars from sand and rain.
  • Car Park Shade keeps your car safe from falling objects.
Carshade Applications
  • Office parking
  • Residential home parking
  • Walkway shade
  • Pavilion Shade
  • Garden Canopy shade
  • Pool Shade
  • Car Wash
  • Car garage
  • Car bazaar
  • Ambulance parking shade
  • School buses parking shade
  • Tour and travel vehicle parking
    Car Shade Sizes
  • One car parking space : 3 meters by 5 meters
  • Two cars parking space : 5 meters by 5 meters
  • Three cars parking space : 7.5 meters by 5 meters
  • Four cars parking space : 10 meters by 5 meters

Carshade Details

Designs: Cantilever Parking Shades , Top Support arch cantilever parking shades , Pyramid parking shades , Wall-Mounted truss parking Shades , Curved Car Parking Shades , Arch Cantilever Parking Shades , Flat cantilever parking shade , Shade Sail Carshade .
Colours: Green , Blue , Beige , Brick-Red , Grey ,Silver etc.
Fabrics: Sunshade(non-waterproof) , Driz (waterproof).
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