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Shade Repair solutions for commercial and private spaces

Shadepro offers the best solution for Shade Maintenance, Repair & Replacement in Kenya

As the climate changes due to increased pollution,the products exposed outdoor need regular care and a lot of maintenance. We all know that too much sunlight can adversely destroy the paint of your car parking shades just like your skin gets damaged from being exposed to harmful UV rays. It is suggested that you must have regular maintenance and cleaning to make your shades last longer.

If your shade structure has any fabric damage, stitch failure, posts wobbling, shade sagging or any other issues, we are here to provide you the best solution. You can renovate your product and make it look new. If you don’t have routine of repairing and maintenance of your shades than it might damage the shade and will also spoil the aesthetic look of your place.

Shade maintenance service is widely used all over Kenya. If you think that your shade is getting too old and you want to replace it with a new shade than it might cost a lot but if you repair your shade instead of replacing it with new than you will get almost a new shade in lesser price. Shadepro is the best company in Kenya which offers high-quality fabric available for car repairing service. We are well equipped for carrying out the required repairs or service to provide you with a fully operational and repaired system.

Shade Structures in Kenya

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