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Wide range of shade solutions for commercial and residential spaces

Finest Quality Privacy Screens in Nairobi, Kenya

Now install the best quality Privacy Screens in Nairobi, Kenya at the most affordable rates.

We provide best quality of products in Privacy / View Screens. We have a broad range to choose from, we can customize as per your requirements.

When moving to a new location we can choose our new home but unfortunately, it’s not always possible to choose our neighbors. In densely populated areas it may be hard to attain privacy. Imagine being scrutinized by your neighbors from their windows while you entertain guests in your pool / backyard. Or maybe your balcony faces your neighbor’s scrap pile—hardly a relaxing sight. Privacy solutions come in many forms to suit your needs. Our experts can help you gain privacy and block unsightly views.

The HDPE fabric or woven design privacy screen is ideal for commercial and residential areas needing a combination of privacy and air flow. These privacy screen options are the most economical solution to provide the privacy you need and a clean look for any fence area, construction site, special event, swimming pool area or back yard. It is a perfect complement to landscapes and residential backyards.

Privacy Screens in Kenya