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Car Parking Shades in Kenya

Shadepro specializes in manufacturing and installing high-quality specialised Car Shades and outdoor shades in kenya. All our Shade structures are custom designed to meet your individual requirements, using only the best materials and components.

Corporate shades

Shadepro designs and covers:

Company Executives and staff parking spaces

Business parks and office/heaquaters

Creating best value to your customers and a friendly environment for the company employees. corporate...

Car-Business shades

car dealers/bazaars

car wash services

car rentals and parking services

Our car parking shades will BOOST your Sales and customer satisfaction

The Car Parking Shades will also enhance your business outlook and protect the cars' interior and exterior from natural elements.


Residential shades

The extensive range of car parking shades and shade structures like canopies will help you utilise all your residence space, no matter the weather. We customise our shade products to suit your needs, creating attractive solutions that allow all-year-round enjoyment of HOME.



Shadepro has experience in delivering shade products across a range of government sectors/parastatals.We also have shade solutions for Schools,Churches,hospitals and the hospitality sector

Social shades


Have you been looking for the perfect car parking shades that act as the perfect shade solution for the heat in Nairobi, Kenya? Worry no more as we have just what you need. Shadepro, as a prime manufacturer of car parking shades, is here to provide you with the best car parking shade structures you can find. High-Quality Car Shades At Your Disposal.

We are a car parking shades customer-oriented manufacturer in Kenya. Therefore, all our car parking shade Solutions are tailor-made to fit your specific requirements and needs. Our car parking shades are not only aesthetically pleasing and innovative but also very durable to resist the harsh weather of any area within kenya. Our emphasis on quality car parking shades with affordability makes us the perfect choice for you. If your car parking shades solutions need the perfect blend of beauty with functionality, then contact shadepro immediately and get the best car parking shades solutions in Nairobi, Kenya.

    Car Shades

    Keeping you and your car protected

    There are many car shades options, the classic curved Sail shade or the more modern flat Cantilever car parking shade. Our customers are assured of a light and spacious look that provides shade while retaining an open feel. The modular concept still applies which is a huge plus to the car parking shades. Covered areas can be extended should the need for expansion arise.


    Get the Best Car Parking Shades Solutions from leading sun shade Supplier in Kenya. If a perfect car shade,canopy,tent or shade structure like playground shade and shade-sail are what you have been looking for, then look no further than our shade products. We have the best line of shade products that are not only functional but also aesthetic and provide a unique look to your private or professional space. With the help of such shade structures, you can easily beat the heat and beautify the existing space with a unique look. Shading Solutions and Car Parking Shades in Kenya.

    Complete Turn-key Solutions

    Shadepro offers a complete turn-key solution for all your car parking shade structure needs in Kenya. We supply and install quality cost-effective car parking shade canopies to accommodate each client’s particular needs. From single bay solutions for office/Residential Car parks to large Shadenet,Canvas,PVC shade structures for commercial buildings and retail centers in kenya.

    We go above and beyond to ensure that your car parking shades project will be delivered and installed with excellent efficiency, on time and on budget. We are able to offer the extraordinary level of service our clients enjoy.

    Advantages of car parking shades

    • Prevents fading of the dashboard.
    • Protects electronics in the car.
    • Reduces heat buildup in the car.
    • Increases property value.
    • Increases the image of your corporation.
    • Eliminates cracking of widescreen.
    • The gloss and shine of your car lasts.

    Our Shade Service Network

    Shadepro can supply and install car parking shades to any county or area in kenya, so you can be sure to enjoy our quality service wherever you are.